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sportfit triathlon vtsmts

A Successful Triathlon Race for Attorney Landau

It was a wonderful day for racing, with the sunny sky, light breezes, clean course, and beautiful weather the evening before the VTS MTS Rock Hall Mid-Atlantic Club Championship race last month. This is a very competitive race in the DellMarVa area, and the seafood & crab restaurants around this Maryland venue are outstanding.
Team Sportfit was out to represent their hard training and smart coaching. Doug Baumgarten was even there for his “stunt double” Doug Landau, with a spare bike when lawyer Landau broke his electronic shifting ride taking the seat off of his Quintana Roo QR6 tri bike! Lesson learned. The mechanics at the race, courtesy of Bonzai Sports, were unable to fix Landau’s electronic shifting, and were not even able to change the gear to make it a “fixie.” Landau nevertheless was able to average over 20 miles an hour on the bike, and put in a strong run, for fourth in the age group. More results here.

‘Lids on Kids’ Featured in Trial Magazine + More Helmet Donations!


A snippet of the article featuring Lids on Kids in Trial Magazine!
A snippet of the article featuring Lids on Kids in Trial Magazine!

The July 2017 edition of Trial Magazine featured the Lids on Kids program!  The Lids on Kids program has been active for over eight years and works to spread awareness on brain injuries and aid in preventing brain trauma and injuries. This program, started by Herndon lawyer Doug Landau over eight years ago, involves visiting public elementary schools, presenting a presentation on brain injuries and safety measures, and donating helmets to over a hundred students. The helmets are made sure to fit each and every student and even come with stickers which will allow for free replacement helmets to be received if needed.

In addition to the Lids on Kids program, attorney Doug Landau recently gifted helmets to the Hotchkiss Cycling Society of Canaan, CT which benefitted the Pilgrim House Bike Mission. The Hotchkiss School was donating bicycles to its local communities and now they also have helmets to give to those in need of them!

Attorney Landau with store manager of the Hotchkiss School
Attorney Landau with store manager of the Hotchkiss School

Whether through the Lids on Kids program or through donations to local communities, the ultimate goal of spreading awareness on brain injuries and aiding in preventing brain injuries can and should be advanced!

If you know of a school or local group that could benefit from our helmet giveaway program, please email us at, or call our office (703-796-9555).

Herndon Elementary School

Teaching Bike Safety and Brain Injury Prevention at Herndon Elementary School

Just in time before school ended and summer break started, the Abrams Landau team stopped by Herndon Elementary School last week to present its Lids on Kids brain injury prevention and bike helmet giveaway program to its sixth grade class. We were joined by Delegate Jennifer Boysko, a couple of her interns, Herndon’s community policing officer Denise Randles and The Connection’s writer Mercia Hobson. We definitely needed the extra hands in order to properly fit helmets for more than 100 students!

Lids on Kids bike helmet program
Lawyer Doug Landau with Herndon police officer Denise Randles, The Connection writer Mercia Hobson, and Delegate Jennifer Boysko with her interns.

After lawyer Doug Landau of Abrams Landau gave his presentation to Herndon Elementary School’s sixth grade class, the students lined up in front of our volunteers to be fitted with complementary Bell Herndon Policebike helmets. Each helmet has a special sticker on the inside to show that it was from us, so that if the helmets ever get damaged, the students can bring it to our Herndon office for a free replacement helmet. Each student was also given an Abrams Landau sport bag to put their helmets in with another sticker to write their contact information on it in case they lose their helmet.

With the help of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA) and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Foundation, lawyer Landau created the Lids on Kids program almost eight years ago now. The Abrams Landau team has gone to an average of 3-4 different local public schools each year since to teach children about the importance of brain injury prevention and to giveaway helmets.

Doug is passionate about teaching bike safety and brain injury prevention not only because he has represented many clients with traumatic brain injury but also because he is an avid cyclist and competitive triathlete who has suffered a concussion himself a few years ago. He often says, “If we can save one child from brain injury, then all the effort will be worthwhile.”


BRATS podium 5.27.17

“Salute to the Military” Triathlon

The Memorial Day weekend “Salute to the Military” Sprint Triathlon was greeted by sunny skies and dry roads after a week of rain and cold weather.

Despite the construction, the new course worked well with plenty of route markings and volunteers. With an Abrams Landau cycling-crash client finishing on the overall podium, many friends participating and lawyer Landau’s 14th overall finish (easily topping the over 50 crowd), it was a great way to spend the morning in Warrenton, Virginia.

The pool swim was bracing and a bit congested, but once on dry land, things sorted themselves out. Landau managed to pass 50 fast swimmers on the bike (~22 mph) and another dozen runners running just under a 7 min/mile pace before he “ran out of real estate!” People must’ve thought that the 100M time self-seeding signs were “aspirational!”

The Vint Hill station is a safe venue for racing, especially the little kids’ races that follow since the base has little weekend traffic and spectators can watch much of the action. Not a bad training race in the lead up to the Spring Duathlon National Championships in 3 weeks!

Reston Bike Club

Reston Bike Club Making It Easier to Bike After Work!

The Reston Bike Club (RBC) mid-week rides are now leaving from both the Reston and Herndon locations on Tuesdays AND Thursday evenings. Doug Landau joined the RBC group April 12th in order to get some miles under his legs outdoors before racing on the weekend. The weather was magnificent, and the route map pick-up and sign-in was expedited by the new online sign-up available on the RBC site. In other words, you can sign up for the 1, 2,3,4,5 or level 6 ride, download the route map and preview where you are going before you even get to the Reston Shopping Center or Herndon Parking lot. With SIX levels of rides, ride leaders, and reflective slap bands for additional safety, it makes sense as to why these rides are so popular. Herndon lawyer Landau was able to catch up with friends and get used to riding the roads of Western Fairfax County and Loudoun County.

Prior to the start of the ride, the President of the Reston Bike Club, Chip Magrogan, announced that there were 4 bike-on-bike crashes on the W&OD Trail last week. Riders need to be aware of not only vehicular traffic when crossing at intersections, but also exercise care when passing on the trail itself. While Landau uses a bell to signal when passing, an audible warning is essential, as many walkers, bikers, joggers and dog-walkers have ear buds and cannot hear a cyclist coming up from behind. When startled, they may step directly into the path of a biker, causing injury to both the cyclist and the pedestrian. Give loud warnings well in advance of passing, make sure that motorists make eye contact and stop when crossing a road, and do not assume that all the lanes will stop for you just because the first one or two are polite and are waving you through.

Remember that slower moving pedestrians have the right of way. Just because you are on a bike and can go 25 mph does not mean that you get to blow walkers off the trail. Just don’t do it. Be safe and let us know if you’ll be at a RBC ride!

Doug Landau Richmond Triathlon

Thanks to Race, Volunteer Landau Gets Onto the Podium

The Richmond Tri Club Sprint was to be Landau’s first three-sport race of the season. Starting with this Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series (VTSMTS) event, he had hoped the indoor “open water” swim would help gauge his condition after a double hernia surgery in December.

Doug Landau VTSMTS Richmond Triathlon

The Richmond Tri Club Sprint is put on by the wonderful folks at VTSMTS along with the Richmond Triathlon Club. It is a very competitive race and also the club championship (with an enormous trophy with the winning team members’ names engraved on it for posterity!), so bragging rights were on the line. While Landau is still missing his top end speed, he was hoping to survive the swim, pick off the field on the bike and then finish off those that remained ahead of him in his category on the 2-loop run course around the Richmond Kickers complex. Last year, he popped his soleus muscle after coming out of the second transition (hopping the rest of the race to the finish!), which took several months to heal, so Landau was approaching this first triathlon of 2017 with some trepidation.

This year, Landau had a slow swim, but a blazing fast first transition. However, not a quarter of a mile out, he noticed something rubbing and a strange sound coming from the rear wheel. Apparently the QR toolbox holder was rubbing against the wheel. He stopped cold to see if he could fix it, and a race volunteer came over to see what was the matter. While his competition was whizzing by, Landau studied the problem: this rubbing could cause a flat, a crash and a season-ending injury. The volunteer eventually diagnosed the problem, and they used rubber bands from lawyer Landau’s wrist to try to hold down the offending loose piece that could’ve caused a flat tire. Landau soldiered on, with only a slight rubbing against the wheel when he shifted his weight back from the nose of his saddle. Fortunately, the wet conditions also helped ameliorate the friction and heat problem. Landau normally likes dry roads, high temperatures and wide-open roadways.

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Melissa and Doug Landau at the Brain Tumour Foundation Cayman Islands Charity 5K Walk/Run

Landaus Participate in Brain Tumour Foundation Cayman Islands Charity 5K

Heroes Square was a fitting venue for the Brain Tumour Foundation Cayman Islands Charity 5K Walk/Run. Participants were treated to a warm, sunny morning with a course that took them by the ocean and then inland before returning from the bottom of Grand Cayman Island to the Courthouse finish line.

Melissa and Doug Landau at the Brain Tumour Foundation Cayman Islands Charity 5K Walk/Run
Melissa and Doug Landau at the Brain Tumour Foundation Cayman Islands Charity 5K Walk/Run

While attending a medical conference for internal medicine doctors and other health care providers, Doug and Melissa Landau didn’t think twice about participating in the 5K. They entered the race and made donations to this worthy group.

Brenda Archer, President of the Brain Tumour Foundation, and the other volunteers were most gracious at pre-registration and packet pick-up in the days leading up to this race. There were smiling faces at every turn and plenty of swag from Cayman National Bank. There were an array of competitors from folks who lived on the island to tourists and those, like Lawyer Landau, in town for business.

While Mrs. Landau was there purely for vacation and relaxation, Lawyer Landau was there to learn medicine and to race. Melissa enjoyed the friendliness that marks Caribbean running. Doug wanted to test his winter “mettle.” However, despite working hard, he was passed by a number of runners even though he went out with the lead group after the first mile. Averaging 7:30/mile, Doug was glad for the warm weather running, but not so happy with his relatively pedestrian pace.

Doug learned quite a lot in the lecture that he intends to use to help his injured and disabled clients. As for what he learned on the racecourse, he has a LOT of work to do if he is going to be back in top racing form by the start of the Triathlon and Duathlon racing season!

panther 5k

From Civics Teacher to Panther Racer—Lawyer Landau Returns to Langston Hughes Middle School

After volunteering to teach legal procedure and civics at Langston Hughes Middle School (LHMS) in Reston, Virginia, Lawyer Doug Landau saw a poster in the principal’s office for the Second Annual “Panther Pride 5K” on Saturday, February 25 starting at 10:00 am. (To read more about Doug’s volunteering at LHMS, click here).

The late starting time, warm weather and time recently spent at the

Doug Landau shown with one of the many smiling, helpful Langston Hughes PTA Panther 5K race volunteers that made the run through the trails of the Reston Triathlon course fun for runners and walkers of all ages, sizes and speeds.
Doug Landau shown with one of the many smiling, helpful Langston Hughes PTA Panther 5K race volunteers that made the run through the trails of the Reston Triathlon course fun for runners and walkers of all ages, sizes and speeds.

school brought Landau out to race for the first time this year in Virginia. Hoping to see if his “off season” post-surgical training was effective, Lawyer Landau toed the line with a goal of 21 minutes. Indeed, the overall winner was a middle schooler and the 3rd place runner was a member of the local high school track team. In between them was a dad pushing a jogging stroller, who passed Landau at the 2-mile mark and never looked back!

The Langston Hughes Panther Pride 5K promotes running among the student body and raises money to replenish the school’s Technology Fund. Langston Hughes Middle School is located at 11401 Ridge Heights Road in Reston, behind Sough Lakes High School. The event was professionally timed by the wonderful folks at Potomac River Running. There were lots of generous age groups and overall awards. This is a good race for younger runners as there were no roads to cross and the “out-and-back” format meant that participants knew the last third of the course (which was mostly uphill!).

Finishing less than a minute behind the winner, Doug Landau enjoyed the unseasonably warm, sunny weather over the twisty, undulating Reston course that took participants from Langston Hughes, past South Lakes High School under Soapstone Road and along the last third of the famous Reston Triathlon course. After teaching 8th graders during the week, Lawyer Landau finished 4th out of 112 entries, easily winning the over 50 category. Full results of the race can be found at here.

At a bar before 9 AM on Super Bowl Sunday ! Doug Landau enjoys a British Premier League game during the PreGame 5km awards ceremony at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia

PreGame 5km to be Test Race for 2016

At a bar before 9 AM on Super Bowl Sunday ! Doug Landau enjoys a British Premier League game during the PreGame 5km awards ceremony at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia
At a bar before 9 AM on Super Bowl Sunday ! Doug Landau enjoys a British Premier League (Football) game during the PreGame 5km awards ceremony at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia

Having been discharged from Physical Therapy at Town Center Orthopedics just this week, Doug Landau was keen to test his current running fitness. So he signed up for the PreGame 5K Run with the goal of keeping his heart rate in the “Zone 4” Lactate Threshold range so as not to cause a flare up of his chondromalacia or risk injury after not running for a month and not racing for 2 months.

The PreGame run and walk was held at the National Conference Center on Upper Belmont Place, in Leesburg, Virginia. The Pregame 5k course was hilly and challenging, winding its way through the beautiful National Conference Center’s grounds along Upper Belmont Place. The start and finish are at the West Building. Participants and spectators welcomed the free, indoor parking as well as the lobby staging area. Run on a certified course, there were Food, Drinks, large screen televisions and Free Draft Beer (for runners over 21 !) afterwards in the warm Black Olive Bar.

After his hiatus from running and racing, Landau’s goal was to keep his heart rate in the 160s, not “go crazy,” and see what his time would be on a cold, windy, hilly course. Finishing in the top 10, lawyer Landau ran 21:06 (6:48/mile average) to easily win his age group.

After a "cool down" jog around the Haynes Point golf course, Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau was all smiles at the PVTC 5km road race

Potomac Park Provides Flat, Fast Course for Winter Runners

After a "cool down" jog around the Haynes Point golf course, Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau was all smiles at the PVTC 5km road race
After a “cool down” jog around the Haynes Point golf course, Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau was all smiles at the PVTC 5km road race

Ending his 2015 racing season at a local race with DC Metro area friends, Doug Landau took part in the Christmas Caper 5K race put on by the POTOMAC VALLEY TRACK CLUB. This annual event takes place on the roads around the East Potomac Park Golf Course, located at 972 Ohio Drive SW, Washington, DC. The start & finish line was near the former location of the sculpture “The Awakening” that DC, MD & VA runners looked forward to seeing in the course of many races.

Held Saturday, December 17, 2015, the dry, flat USATF-certified course provided a potentially fast course for DC area runners. The PVTC, which holds itself out as a “club for all ages, all paces, and all ways,” puts one terrific indoor and outdoor athletic events year round. The PVTC was the 2013 & 2015 USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championship National Champion Team as well as the Host for the 2009 USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships.

Finishing out of the prizes (13th out of 115) in 19:40 (averaging 6:21/mile), behind his friend, competitive age group runner & YMCA athletics director Terry Mclaughlin, Doug Landau enjoyed getting a time from which to hopefully build for the 2016 season. McLaughlin, of the Fredericksburg-Falmouth YMCA, is a frequent track meet and road racer, and was a member of the PVTC National Championship team. He is also a race director and helps stage the popular Colonial Beach Triathlon. For 5km full results, click here.