Personal Injury


Your greatest chance for success in a personal injury case is retaining a legal ally with the solid reputation and track record of Abrams Landau. We’d be happy to give you our initial thoughts on if you have a case. You can also review some of the fundamentals of Personal Injury Law:

Rule Number One for Personal Injury Cases: You must prove that your losses were caused by the fault (negligence) of another person or company. If you cannot demonstrate that it was the other person’s fault and that you were blame free, a court will not even hear any evidence of your injuries, no matter how severe or permanent.

Personal injury cases usually involve injuries, losses and disabilities caused by:

· car accidents
· slip and fall
· defective products
· dog bites and animal attacks
· dangerous premises
· trip and fall


1. Negligence claims with serious, permanent, long term injuries can develop into Social Security Disability Income claims.

2. Negligence claims that arise “in the course and scope of” a client’s employment can also be Workers Compensation claims.

3. Personal Injury / Negligence claims that are Workers Compensation claims with chronic injuries can become Social Security Disability Income claims.

Comparison Chart for Different Claims

Workers Compensation Personal Injury Social Security Disability
Past Medical benefits Past AND Future Medical Benefits Only future medical benefits
66% of past weekly wage and no benefits 100% average weekly wage and benefits (all sources) 80% of earnings (all reported sources)
Mileage, Prescriptions, etc. Mileage, Prescriptions, etc. Prescription card
None Pain, suffering, emotional distress Medical coverage for all ailments and family coverage