Do I Have a Case?

You may be uncertain if an injury to yourself or a loved one actually occurred through the negligence of others. It’s natural to have many questions: Do I initiate a personal injury lawsuit? Do I ask for a settlement? How do I submit a workers compensation claim? Is it expensive to file a lawsuit? How do I file for Social Security Disability? The best way to answer these questions is to talk to us.

Because Abrams Landau Ltd. works on contingency, you won’t receive a bill for that conversation. We only get paid if we win or settle your case. That’s just one of the reasons you can have confidence when you come to us. We’ll give you straight answers and sound advice regarding Social Security Disability, workers compensation, car accidents, airport accidents, airline accidents, sports injury, premises liability, or other types of personal injury claims. When you ask us, “Do I have a case?” you can depend on more than 30 years’ experience backing up the answer.

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Want a few answers before you contact us?

If you want some of your questions answered before you pick up the phone, we encourage you to explore some of our resources:

I think I have a case, so now what?

You will know if you have a viable personal injury case by the time our phone and email consultation is concluded. If it’s clear to us that you are due benefits, a settlement, or damages because of a car accident, sports injury, airport accident, airline accident, slip and fall, or other trauma, the next step is an in-person appointment with members of the Abrams Landau Ltd., team. There are a few things we ask you to do in advance so we can make the most of your time – download those documents here.