Verdicts & Settlements

Abrams Landau, Ltd. has distinguished itself in the courtroom and as an effective advocate in settlement negotiations. We offer the following list of selected successful verdicts/settlements for your review and encourage you to click on those of interest to read the full story for each case. Please contact us if you have questions pertaining to one of these cases or your own legal situation.


$60,000 settlement – bicyclist struck by young driver

$180,000 settlement – negligently secured wheelchair-bound passenger thrown down in van

$90,000 settlement – dangerous U-turn

$41,100 settlement – defendant disregarded red light injuring nurse

$300,000 settlement – trucker’s limited visibility

$45,000 arbitration award – pedestrian struck by police trainee

$1.25 million settlement – 3-car crash – minor suffered catastrophic brain damage

$19,550 settlement – minor injured by airbags in 3-car crash

$72,500 arbitration award – rear-end crash into truck (arbitration)

$2 million settlement – hit and run – brain injury to minor

$150,000 settlement at mediation – NoVa CC professor’s bicycle struck

$50,000 settlement on eve of trial – store parking lot trip and fall

$12,000 settlement – ankle broken in hospital parking lot

$32,500 settlement – rock concert roustabout’s foot runover by forklift



$95,000 settlement at mediation

$205,000 settlement – partial paralysis

$265,000 “medicals only” settlement

$78,000 settlement – permanent total disability settlement

$150,000 settlement at mediation

$12,000 award – mother compensated for nursing brain-injured son

$2.5 million lifetime settlement

$100,000 settlement – teacher settles claim against local government entity



Benefits awarded – Mental Illness

Benefits awarded – Firefighter Back Injury

Benefits awarded – Vocational Disability

Benefits awarded – Teacher Suffers Alleged Brain Damage

Attorney’s Fees awarded – Rocket Propellant Worker Suffers Metal

Poisoning From Exposure Working On “Star Wars”