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Velofit Kur Sohn

VeloFit PT & Abrams Landau Law Working for Cyclists and Athletes in Herndon

As many of our clients know, lawyer Doug Landau regularly races and has been a longtime triathlete. What many may not know, however, is that in between all his legal casework, successful races, and charity work, he takes the time to heal and recover. He’s not invincible! And he knows the importance of seeking professional help to properly address any problems.

velofit Kur Sohn

Doug has been to numerous physical therapists in his many years as an athlete, but no other physical therapist has understood his injuries like Dr. Kur Sohn, owner and founder of VeloFit. Like Doug, Dr. Kur Sohn is an avid cyclist and triathlete. He uses manual techniques, trigger point dry needling, and functional movement retraining in his one-on-one hour long treatments. VeloFit is also the only professional bike fitting service in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area that is fully serviced by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Whether it is through working in personal injury cases or treating physical injuries, both Doug and Kur share and act on their passion for helping fellow cyclists and triathletes. In addition, they are both located in the biking community in historic Herndon old town, right next to the W&OD trail. Fortunately for Doug, VeloFit is only a couple minutes walking distance from the Abrams Landau law office.

velofit kur sohn

Kur’s best advice for athletes is to take care of their bodies before their tissues break down, and to not seek treatment or help once the pain gets even worse. He notes, “Tissues will always tell the truth, no matter how your body feels,” which is why it’s harder to get athletes to take more preventative measures earlier on.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, whether cycling through on the W&OD trail or for your personal injury case, make sure to stop by the Abrams Landau office, VeloFit to learn more about physical therapy and bike fitting, Green Lizard Cycling for coffee, or Great Harvest Bakery for some fresh treats!


Hutchison Elementary School Lids on Kids

Putting More Lids on Kids in the Herndon Area

The Abrams Landau team was back at another local public elementary school last week for its Lids on Kids brain injury prevention and helmet giveaway program. Lawyer Doug Landau successfully showed his presentation to Herndon’s Hutchison Elementary School’s sixth grade class in their large cafeteria. He explained the importance of always wearing a bike helmet and showed real life examples of the injuries his former clients incurred while cycling.

Lids on Kids

Fairfax County police volunteered their time and services as well, answering some questions from the children and helping to fit them with helmets. Interns from Delegate Jennifer Boysko’s office were also able to help out during this special event. With the help of the community, we were able to give out free bike helmets to more than 100 students at Hutchison Elementary School!

Later that same day, the Abrams Landau team took its Lids on Kids program to Herndon Neighborhood Resource Center’s Family

A snippet of our feature in this week's Herndon Connection.
A snippet of our feature in this week’s Herndon Connection.

Night. The topic for this Family Night was Summer Safety, and we presented on bike safety. We were able to fit and give out helmets to dozens more children at that night’s event.

Lawyer Landau’s work at Herndon Neighborhood Resource Center was featured in this week’s issue of Herndon Connection. You can find it on page 8 here.

We’ll also be at Herndon Elementary School this Tuesday, June 20 to present our Lids on Kids program! Stay tuned!

If you know of a school or local group that could benefit from our helmet giveaway program, please email us at, or call our office (703-796-9555).

Guilford Elementary School

Back Again for Guilford Elementary School Bike Rodeo

Guilford Elementary School

For the fifth year in a row, Abrams Landau, Ltd. presented its Lids on Kids brain injury prevention and free bike helmet distribution program at Guilford Elementary School in Sterling, Virginia. Attorney Doug Landau, Melissa Landau, physical education teacher Mark Pankau and parent volunteers helped fit students of all shapes and sizes in Bell bike helmets, donated by the Virginia Trial Lawyers Foundation and Herndon law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd.

Former assistant principal Janice Jennings, not head of the Safe Routes to School program in Loudoun County, also helped fit helmets for this Guilford Bike Rodeo. Safe Routes to School is a national program that “promotes and encourages walking and biking to school safely.”

Melissa Landau giving out helmets at Guilford Elementary School May 31, 2017.
Melissa Landau giving out helmets at Guilford Elementary School May 31, 2017.

After the students heard about brain injury, safe cycling and were fitted with bike helmets, they went outside on the playground to practice their skills and learn safe biking techniques. Abrams Landau also gave out sport backpacks to put the helmets in and guaranteed the students that if they are in an accident and their helmet breaks, they can come into our office anytime to receive a free replacement helmet.

If you know of a school or local group that could benefit from our helmet giveaway program, please email us at, or call our office (703-796-9555).

Later this week, lawyer Landau will be presenting and giving away bike helmets again at Hutchison Elementary School in Herndon, Virginia where principal Ray Lonnett is very proactive about student safety and safe cycling.

phoenix bikes makers ball

“Makers Ball” Celebrates Ten Years of Building Bikes in Arlington

The Phoenix Bikes Makers’ Ball and 10th Birthday Bash was held in Arlington, Virginia a few weeks ago as a fundraiser for the Phoenix Bikes program. Phoenix Bikes “educates youth, promotes bicycling, and builds community.” Teenagers are taught skills such as bicycle mechanics. They build a bike for someone in the community and after they complete this project they can build a bike for themselves.

Doug and Melissa Landau were invited guests. The Landaus were introduced to the young cyclist/mechanics, who proudly showed off their work on recycled bikes. Lawyer Landau even noticed one young biker had a Schwann “Varsity” model, which is the same model Landau used to deliver newspapers as a boy in Northern New Jersey.

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7th Annual Cycle Fest Charity Ride

We are pleased to share this note from the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia (JCC NV).

Hello fellow cyclists,

Please join us on Sunday, September 11, 2016 for our 7th Annual Northern Virginia Cycle Fest Charity Ride.

For the past 6 years we have supported our military and first responders through our annual charity ride and this year we will continue that tradition. We are planning to make this year’s ride an opportunity to remember those who lost their lives on that very sad day — September 11, 2001 and remember those military who continue to defend our country.

This year’s ride will depart and return to Molon Lave Vineyards, situated in the middle of 50 acres of land, south of Warrenton. The ride begins at 8:30 am and offers four ride options:

  • 20 miles
  • 40 miles
  • 62 miles
  • Advanced 62 miles

We are continuing to reach out to our Wounded Warriors local contact in order to receive up-to-date information on their corporate structure and veteran support. Our ride will acknowledge the great importance and responsibility we have in taking care of our veterans who have served us so proudly.

If you registered for last year’s October 4th ride and requested that your registration be transferred to this year’s ride, we will send out an e-mail confirming the transfer within the month.

We hope to make this a very memorable day for all. Please share this with fellow riders.

For more information visit:

With the help of the Town of Herndon, Fairfax & Loudoun County Police, Doug Landau will be distributing free bike helmets to students & teaching them about safe bicycling and brain injury prevention

Bike Helmet Giveaways Spring 2016

With the help of the Town of Herndon, Fairfax & Loudoun County Police, Doug Landau will be distributing free bike helmets to students & teaching them about safe bicycling and brain injury prevention
With the help of the Town of Herndon, Fairfax & Loudoun County Police, Doug Landau will be distributing free bike helmets to students & teaching them about safe bicycling and brain injury prevention

The Abrams Landau team will once again distribute free bike helmets to children at local elementary schools who could not otherwise afford them.

In keeping with his firm’s mission of “putting lids on kids,” bike safety lawyer Doug Landau is scheduled to give two bike safety presentations and distribute bike helmets at schools in Fairfax County this spring:

Landau will be joined by local police at Herndon Elementary School on May 4 to fit 110 6th graders with brand new helmets as they celebrate National Bike to School Day and Fairfax County’s Safe Routes to School  program.

“The Safe Routes to School program is a terrific initiative administered by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), in conjunction with our schools, to encourage biking and walking to school.  This serves the dual purpose of helping reduce traffic congestion around schools and getting kids more physically active.  It dovetails perfectly with our mission of promoting brain injury prevention through consistent helmet use when riding a bike, rollerblading, skateboarding, etc.,” notes Landau.

On May 24, Landau and his team will make a return appearance at Guilford Elementary School’s Bike Safety Rodeo in Sterling, VA, where he expects to distribute 140 helmets to students in grades one through five.

It takes lots of "hands on" helpers to properly fit each student with their FREE bicycle helmet at the ABRAMS LANDAU & Virginia Trial Foundation's brain injury prevention programs
It takes lots of “hands on” helpers to properly fit each student with their FREE bicycle helmet at the ABRAMS LANDAU & Virginia Trial Foundation’s brain injury prevention programs

In addition to brand-spanking new bike helmets, students receive information packets explaining traumatic brain injury and the benefits of wearing a helmet every time they ride.  They also receive a contract that they — and their parents — will sign committing to consistent helmet usage.  And finally, they will get a tote bag in which to carry home their new loot!

The kids will be given stickers to place inside their helmets and instructed to come back to Abrams Landau if their new headgear is lost, damaged, or outgrown.  The firm will gladly provide a replacement!

The helmets are provided by the Abrams Landau law firm, in conjunction with the Virginia Trial Lawyers Foundation.

If you know of a school or other local organization where needy children would benefit from a bike helmet giveaway, please contact Abrams Landau, Ltd. at 703-796-9555.




Protecting the Heads of the Class – Free Bike Helmets for Herndon Elementary School

Doug Landau and Herndon Police
Local attorney Doug Landau was joined by school staff and members of the Town of Herndon police department to teach Herndon Elementary School sixth graders about brain injury prevention.

The Herndon Elementary School sixth grade was buzzing with excitement on a recent spring afternoon.

Doug Landau fitting helmet on student
Landau and his team fitted each student with his or her own brand new bike helmet after explaining the importance of bike safety.

As the students filed into the gymnasium, they were greeted by huge cardboard boxes, audiovisual presentation equipment, and members of the Town of Herndon police force.

Local lawyer Doug Landau was there too.  Landau — dressed not in a pinstripe suit, but in the Team USA uniform — was there to educate the students about their brain in the hopes that he could protect them from unnecessary injury.

After explaining how to avoid needless brain injury by wearing a helmet each and every time they get on a bike, skateboard, rollerboard, etc.,  Landau told his energetic audience that they would each receive their very own helmet, free of charge.  Members of the Herndon police, Abrams Landau staff, and school officials were on hand to see that each student’s helmet was carefully fitted.

Furthermore, the labels Landau and the volunteers affixed inside the helmets guarantee that any student whose helmet is cracked in an accident, de-laminated, broken, or not fitting properly would be replaced, at no cost.

Lawyer Landau has provided helmets to all of the six graders at Herndon Elementary School in the past, as he has done for students in the top grades at Hutcheson Elementary School, Rolling Ridge Elementary School, Guilford Elementary School, and elsewhere.

Landau feel so strongly about this program that he is willing to go far and wide to protect schoolchildren from preventable concussions and permanent brain injury.

The Abrams Landau “Putting Lids on the Kids” program is conducted in conjunction with the Virginia Trial Lawyers Foundation, a nonprofit arm of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association.

Landau stated “I have seen too many clients permanently disabled by preventable traumatic brain injury.   I myself sustained a double concussion.  My recovery took a long time, but was successful because I was able to adhere to a strict rehabilitation protocol with the outstanding team at the Fairfax Family Practice Concussion Clinic.”

If you, or someone you care for, has been injured or sustained a concussion through no fault of their own, and is still suffering from the aftereffects of a head injury, and has questions about what laws apply, please contact us at once so that we may see if we can help.  Phone: 703-796-9555 or email.

Bike to work day 2015

Bike to Work Day 2016

Bike to work day 2015
Herndon lawyer Doug Landau, shown here (c) with Brad and Dave from Green Lizard Cycling on Bike to Work Day in 2015, enjoys biking to work. With the Herndon pit stop just down the street from the Abrams Landau office, it is a great opportunity to meet fellow cyclists from the greater DC area.

Every year Herndon lawyer Doug Landau looks forward to Bike to Work Day.  And this year is no exception!

Set for Friday, May 20, 2016, Bike to Work Day has grown in popularity since its inception.

Landau is an avid cyclist and lives a bike-able distance from his office in Historic Herndon, Virginia.  So biking to work is a no-brainer for this bicycling barrister!

But much of the fun is had visiting the 80+ pit stops set up throughout the Greater Washington DC Area.

There is FREE food, beverages and giveaways at all locations.

Perhaps Flat Stanley will enjoy a pit stop in Herndon!
Perhaps Flat Stanley will enjoy his pit stop in Herndon!

The Herndon Pit Stop is located very close to the Landau Law Shop (797 Center Street, Herndon, VA) and Landau and his team welcome cyclists to drop by to say hello on their way to or from work!

Here are the details:

Pit Stop Information
Location: Town Hall Green – view on maps
Address: Intersection of Lynn and Elden Streets, just off the W&OD trail
Pit Stop Time: Morning – 5:30 am to 10:00 am, Afternoon – 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Contact: Cindy S. Roeder, 703-435-6800 x2123,
Supported by: A-1 Cycling

Bike from Work too! Continue the celebration in Herndon on your commute home.  Please also join us on Bike to Work Day from 4-6:30 pm at the same location.  No registration required for the afternoon fun.

For more information, visit the Bike to Work website at

The site contains helpful information like safety guidelines, tips for first-time riders, help finding a riding buddy, etc.

The first 15,000 registrants get a free t-shirt as well!

See you out on your bike!


WM sweatshirt

College of William and Mary Promotes Bike Safety

WM sweatshirt
On chilly spring mornings, students at the College of William & Mary may need to wear a sweatshirt to keep them warm while cycling around campus. But no matter what the weather, students are urged to cycle safely.

Spring is springing down in Williamsburg, Virginia, home of the College of William & Mary.  And the warmer days are sure to bring the promise of more students and community members enjoying the weather and surroundings in this beautiful city.

Anticipating a surge in the number of cyclists on and around the campus, W&M President Taylor Reveley sent out a communication which so closely mirrors the sentiments of Virginia cyclist, lawyer, and bike safety advocate Doug Landau, he could have penned it himself!

Landau’s youngest daughter is a senior at the College and forwarded the email to him, knowing how impressed he would be by its contents.  Here it is, in its entirety:

Dear William & Mary Community,

Bikes are good! Riding one is healthy, environmentally friendly, and convenient.  For most buildings, bikes can roll right up to the door and take refuge in a nearby rack.  Parking a car on campus is a wholly different matter and not for the faint of heart.

William & Mary and Williamsburg are great places to ride bikes.  It’s crucial, however, to ride safely.  Knowing how to ride a bike doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to do it in ways safe to others as well as ourselves.  There have been some bad bike accidents on our walks and roads.   Here are a few crucial rules of the road:

  • Ride with the flow of traffic.  Going against the flow is dangerous, plus it’s illegal in Virginia.  The bike lanes around campus are one-way (the same direction as car traffic).  Ride on the right side of the road even if a bike lane is unavailable.
  • Avoid riding on sidewalks where possible.   Weaving around and dodging pedestrians on sidewalks is flatly dangerous.  It’s much better to ride in the street and use a bike lane whenever possible.  But some of our brick pathways on campus are naturally shared by bikes and pedestrians for lack of nearby roads.  In such places, riders must go slowly and yield to pedestrians, not the other way around.  Say something, for instance, “passing on your left,” to let pedestrians know a bike is coming their way.
  • Be aware.  Keep a constant eye out for cars and pedestrians.  They may not always be aware of bikes.   Don’t weave in and out of car traffic, and keep an eye out for people opening doors on parked cars.  And, always, watch very carefully for pedestrians crossing the street, especially on campus.
  • Be visible.  Bright colored and reflective clothing make more than a fashion statement when riding a bike.  They help other people, especially drivers, see the bike.  Reflectors and lights on the front and back of the bike are important, too, especially when it’s dark.
  • Wear a helmet.  Brains matter in any context, but especially for those of us in school.   Our brains are precious.   Protect them!  Helmets are the single most effective way to prevent head injuries.  Be sure the helmet fits.

The W&M Bike Alliance is a terrific resource to learn more about bicycling – from safety information and the rules of the road to organized group rides.  To learn more visit the WMBA website or contact Bill Horacio (

Taylor Reveley

Lawyer Landau applauds President Reveley for his concern for student safety and looks forward to seeing the campus in its full spring glory when he attends graduation later this spring!

Lids on Kids

The Ride of Your Life for Brain Injury Services

Lids on Kids
Doug Landau, shown here flanked by Brain Injury Services Case Managers Amy Choi (l), and Brooke Annessa (r), is a long-time supporter of this northern Virginia organization that advocates for individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Athlete’s lawyer Doug Landau was delighted to see the following email in his inbox announcing an upcoming event for a cause near and dear to his heart:

Dear Doug,

You can make a difference in the life of a brain injury survivor by participating in The Ride of Your Life charity bike-a-thon! Participants will enjoy a scenic bike ride through beautiful Fauquier County, Virginia while competing for multiple prize challenges. Both a long distance course (100k or 50k) and a family-friendly short course will be offered — that’s a morning full of fun for the whole family! Start building your riding team today!


Date: April 23, 2016
Time: 8am-1pm
Location and Starting Point:
Vint Hill Village Green
 4235 Aiken Dr.
Warrenton, VA 20187
For additional event details click here


– 100K, 50K or 1-Mile Fun Loop
– Multiple Prize Challenges 
– 20% off a bike tune-up at Haymarket Bicycle Studio with event registration!!


Landau is a long-time supporter of Brain Injury Services, an organization whose efforts help children and adults with brain injury build the skills and confidence they need to lead a fulfilling and productive life.

For the past several years, Landau’s firm Abrams Landau, Ltd., with support from the Virginia Trial Lawyers Foundation,  has been distributing free bike helmets to needy school children in the firm’s “Putting Lids on Kids” program.  Staff members from Brain Injury Services often are on hand to help fit the children with helmets.

“I can’t think of a more worthy cause — and excuse to get on a bike on an April weekend — than a bike-a-thon for Brain Injury!” notes Lawyer Landau.

For questions about the event, contact the folks at Brain Injury Services.