Melissa Landau Conquers New York Hudson Valley Ride

In addition to the challenge of biking all day, sometimes on non-paved surfaces, riders in the New York State Hudson Valley tour slept in tents in fields like this one!

When your daughter-in-law asks you if you would like to embark upon a week-long bike tour and camp out along the way, the only right answer is “Yes!”

That is exactly what Melissa Landau did with Alisha Landau, her daughter-in-law, who asked her if she would like to join her on the bike ride from the Empire State Capitol (Albany) to New York City. The week-long Inaugural “Cycle the Hudson Valley” bicycle tour took place from July 30 to August 5th.

“Cycle the Hudson Valley is a fully-supported seven-day, 200-mile tour from the Albany area to NYC which follows the Hudson River section of the Empire State Trail, now the longest multi-use trail in the nation. The tour begins in Troy, with its revitalized downtown full of restaurants, coffee bars, and shops, and finishes in NYC.”
Melissa & Alisha Landau prepare to embark on their New York State bicycle & camping tour after getting their bikes checked out by the mechanics who would follow them for the length of their adventure

While Melissa Landau generally argues against sleeping on the ground and camping out, this was an opportunity she could not miss. Her chauffeur Doug (and husband of nearly 40 years), drove her up to Albany so she could depart on this adventure with their daughter-in-law. Doug Landau gladly took this as an opportunity to spend time with his granddaughter, while the ladies were traveling on two wheels.

Melissa Landau & her daughter-in-law (Pediatric Occupational Therapist) Alisha Landau, enjoy post-ride Pickles and Watermelon during the Empire Trail Ride.

The ladies ended up covering around 270 miles. The route varied from different types of trails and roads. Every day was challenging and they would accumulate 50 to 70 miles. The rest stops were wonderful and included several breweries, the CIA (not the one HQ in Langley, VA, but the Culinary Institute of America!), pubs, and even a spot that had watermelon and pickles (an ideal combination for distance cyclists like these!)

The weather was relatively good, and the other riders were helpful. It was good that nobody was treating it like a race. The event started at a Community College cafeteria and the SAG wagons carried the rider’s bags and tents. They were accompanied by several vehicles for the wenchers to help with any on-the-road repairs or replacements.

The Empire State’s Hudson Valley ride had plenty of bike mechanics (“wrenchers”), pumps, and spare parts to assist riders along the route

Lawyer Landau met the ladies in Brooklyn, where there was a street festival on the Brooklyn Bridge. The SAG Wagons” met the riders with their luggage in this borough of New York City, and there were lots of sweaty smiles on the faces of the cyclists.

Melissa Landau noted that the group that put on the ride, like the ABRAMS LANDAU TEAM, was experienced and well organized. She said the experience was fun, and even took a catalog to see about other future rides. Alisha Landau took the Tour’s Shuttle, along with lots of other riders, back to the Albany, Troy area, where her husband, Dr. Zach Landau was awaiting her return from this 2-wheeled adventure.

Melissa was missed by everyone at Abrams Landau during the week. She now has this adventure under her belt and memories with her daughter-in-law. Well done Melissa and Alisha, and we’re glad to have you home!

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