Can Children Sign Contracts?

When riding a bicycle on the road, the same rules pertain as when operating any other vehicle. It’s important to be mindful and follow the same safety precautions.

“Lids on Kids” is a program developed at ABRAMS LANDAU that is geared toward providing children with head protection and safety information so that they can ride their bikes to school safely.  Doug Landau has been fitting children in Title 1 schools with bicycle helmets in order to prevent needless brain injuries and disability. Since the COVID pandemic,  lawyer Landau and the other “Safe Routes to School” sponsors have provided children with bicycles, locks, lights, bags, and safety equipment. Doug Landau is an avid cyclist, competitive triathlete and committed to the active multisport lifestyle. Having competed in the highest levels, Doug recognizes the importance of educating individuals on proper safety practices.

Prior to the COVID Pandemic, the Lids on Kids program provided children with the opportunity to receive free bike helmets, safety information and a chance to win a bicycle! As long as the helmet still includes the ABRAMS LANDAU sticker inside, the warranty guarantees a replacement (no questions asked!) until the child turns 18.

Flyer handed to the individuals who attended the presentation on May 22nd.

On May 22nd, the parents and children that attended the Bike Safety Presentation received a flyer where they would sign a pledge for proper practices when riding a bike. Doug Landau takes safety very seriously, and hopes the message of Lids on Kids motivates children to do the same!

The contract had both English and Spanish translation for accommodation of all the students and their caregivers. The pledge states “I promise to wear my helmet during all bike-riding, skateboarding, and scooter activities. I know this will help protect my brain and life in case of traumatic injury. My brain is the only one I have and I need to protect it.”

Both the student and parent must sign the contract because it allows the parents to take accountability as well.

Spanish translation available of the “Helmet Pledge and Contract” that the student and parent must both sign prior to receiving a helmet.

Bicycle Safety Helmet Owners Manuals are distributed during these events to provide infographics and instructions on how to properly wear and adjust the helmet.  Doug Landau & the staff at ABRAMS LANDAU, along with school personnel, take time to fit each child with the right sized helmet. In addition, the manual explains the different features of the helmet and how they function. “No helmet can protect the wearer against all unforeseeable impacts. However, for maximum protection, the helmet must fit well and all retention straps must be securely fastened.”

Same Roads. Same Rules. Same Rights.

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