Westfields Triathlon – Supports Ending Childhood Hunger

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as a complete surprise during his Computrainer class at the new home for Hefler Performance Coaching (“HPC”) indoor bike training at the Green Lizard bike shop in the heart of Herndon’s Historic Downtown District.  As in the past, Landau will not keep the money, but in order to preserve his amateur athletics status, he will donate it to a charity.  The other cyclists training under Susan Hefler’s watchful eye tonight thought he should buy a round, or two, but the best bicycle injury lawyer to see “in action,” took their requests “under advisement !”

Landau next races in Richmond in at Virginia Triathlon Series (“VTS”) event that features an “indoor open water swim.”  The Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU is a VTS sponsor, though lawyer Landau will not be able to participate in the requisite number of races for the series this year.  Nevertheless Landau hopes to compete in several VTS and other Set Up Events in and around Virginia.  His schedule of races, like his case calendar, is available by calling the office or checking the latest ABRAMS LANDAU newsletter.

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