INDOOR Open Water Swim at Richmond Sprint Triathlon

the bike, where even after dismounting after leaving the transition area, he never overcame a rubbing front wheel and was passed repeatedly.  While most would be satisfied finishing in the top 20%, Lawyer Landau vowed to do much better next time, as finishing off the podium was not the plan for this VTS sponsor.

The Richmond Triathlon Club Sprint Triathlon was very spectator friendly with a 2-loop run around the Richmond Kickers soccer complex. The bike course was a mix of rolling hills and flat sections and is a “big ring” course throughout. There were a number of teams from all over the Commonwealth represented at this multisport event, including the Richmond Triathlon Club (RTC), the Virginia Tech “Hokies” Triathlon Team, Endorphin Fitness (led by Michael Harlow) and Central Virginia Endurance (“CVE”). Capping it off were lots of post-race give aways, great food by “The Meatball Guys,” and massages.  The race sold out this year, and will likely be very popular for years to come.

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