Pre-Race Packet Pick Up promotes safety, promotes efficiency

TriPerformance Coach Brian Crow at today's Inifinitive Broadlands Triathlon packet pick up
TriPerformance Coach Crow at the Inifinitive Broadlands Triathlon packet pick up & bike safety inspection

Race Director and TriPerformance Coach Brian Crow runs a smooth race, which starts with a well-staffed pre race packet pick up. Pre-Race Packet pick up, bicycle and helmet safety checks, and course tours and pre-race meetings all help triathletes and bikers avoid injury and crashes. Broadlands, South Riding and Warrenton Sprint Triathlon prizewinner and cyclist Doug Landau of the ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. law firm in Herndon Virginia notes that there is a clear advantage to knowing the course. “I can ride faster AND more safely on a course where I know the turns, hills, road conditions and transition area. In over 25 years of multi-sport racing, I have seen too many cyclists and triathletes get hurt when they did not know when to turn, shift gears or slow down.”

A bike crash and still 3rd place overall !
A bike crash and still 3rd place overall !

[N.B. In the Broadlands Sprint Triathlon, a 16-year-old crashed, but managed to finish in 3rd place (see photo, left); another racer did an extra lap on the 2 loop course; and, another cyclist went off the course and may have received a penalty.]

Sunday’s race raises funds for the Infinitive Foundation, which was established to support programs focused on health and enhancing family life. Proceeds from the Infinitive Race Series will support local and US Military families. Infinitive Infinitive is a Northern Virginia based management consultancy that delivers Change Engineering expertise. Click for more information about Infinitive.

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