Landau rings the bell for biker safety

Bikers get ready to start out on a Thursday night Reston Bike Club ride in Herndon
Bikers get ready tosort themselves into groups 1-5 & start out on a Thursday night Reston Bike Club ride in Herndon

Instead of riding with the Reston Bike Club tonight, Doug Landau went, cowbell and bicycle helmets in hand, to speak to the assembled cyclists about safety, crashes, speeding, stopping and avoiding peleton accidents and car crashes. Landau showed the bikers smashed helmets from cases he has won on behalf of injured cyclists and asked them to keep their speed reasonable on the W&OD Trail, where pedestrians, strollers, joggers and bladders would be foreseeably encountered.

The ABRAMS LANDAU sports injury lawyer furthermore suggested that the faster bike riders use the Trail portion of the evening workout as their “warm up” before hitting speeds of 20-30 mph on the open roads of Loudoun County. While other cyclists and runners had talked about “near misses” and accidents on the Trail, Landau was willing to “bell the cat.” The Triathlon Trial Lawyer was thanked for his remarks by the Reston Bike Club President and other safety conscious bikers. While sports injury lawyer Landau will not likely ever win a popularity contest among competitive road cyclists nor a bicyclists’ fashion show, safety on the roads and trails of Herndon is important. These popular Thursday night rides start within sight of the Landau Law Shop; so we hope that our friends and training partners will not have to use our first aid, nursing or other bike crash accident and injury related offerings.

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