Free advice for Injured Triathletes, Bike Crash Victims and other Disabled Athletes

Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau is frequently asked advise injured cyclists, triathletes and other sports enthusiasts because of his background in sports medicine and experience as a USAT All American. TriathlonInjuryLawyer_DougLandau_Reston_prize_Med_Tent_SAger.jpeg More importantly, Landau has experience in bike crashes, his own accidents and sports injuries over the years. Because the injured triathlete’s lawyer spends the time to actually read his injured client’s medial records, attend continuing medical education (“CME”) lectures and visits with the treating doctors, Landau is willing to share information with bike crash victims and disabled athletes all over the country. Doug Landau [shown at left at the 2006 Reston Triathlon Medical Tent with long-time friend, Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist and FAA Inspecting physician Dennis Sager, M.D.] was recently contacted by an injured athlete concerned that she would lose all fitness recovering from a lower leg injury. Landau advised:

First, ankle & foot fractures can be complicated. There are lots of little bones down there and they can take a long time to heal if not properly (and promptly treated). Once you are seen & treated, then you can ask if you can do upper body exercise, working on your “weak spots,” making use of the hand crank upper body ergometer, free weights, etc. There are some athletes who take the position that it is wise to work very hard during this down time (as in the “pre-season”) on these otherwise neglected body parts. Stretching is also very beneficial during “down time.” Injured Triathletes find that stretching stimulates the nerves, retards atrophy (muscle wasting) and sends signals to the brain that in essence say,

“Hey brain, don’t forget about us muscles, we’re still here, send us some nutrients and keep us limber and ready for action !” DO not stretch the injured parts until your sports medicine specialist give you the “green light.”

Look for tomorrow’s post for the rest of the Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau’s free advice for this injured triathlete…

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