Finding More Opportunities to Donate Bike Helmets in Our Community

Attorney Doug Landau at the Green Lizard bike donation event to help give out Abrams Landau bike helmets and backpacks. Landau managed to attend despite having broken his collarbone the night before in a biking accident!
Melissa Landau helps fit a Herndon Elementary School student with a bike helmet. This event was held in the historic district of Herndon.

The Abrams Landau law team was able to find a good home for our new bike helmets! After having to cancel our usual Lids on Kids brain injury prevention and bike helmet giveaway program events at local public schools due to the pandemic, we’ve been ecstatic to be able to find different opportunities to help our community. Although there have been fewer cars on the road because of the pandemic, there have been more people walking and biking outside and drivers have been more reckless, so it is even more vital that children are educated about the rules of the road and are always wearing a helmet.

Green Lizard Cycling, a bike shop and cafe near the Abrams Landau law office, created Green Lizard Foundation last year with the goal of helping to get underprivileged youth on bikes. On October 1st, they donated over fifteen bikes to students at Herndon Elementary School. They held an event right outside their shop where these students were treated to a barbecue and extra goodies, such as a knit hat, water bottle and hand sanitizer. The Abrams Landau law team was able to personally attend and donate a new bike helmet, bike safety coloring book and a backpack to each student as well.