Finishing the Race, Without Stopping, Seizing Up or Hopping

Hard training, plenty of rest and healthy nutrition, and yet still, at National Championship races, painful cramps in the leg muscles. This is what I encountered in about a dozen events over the years. Pulling up several hundred yards out of the second transition area, or within sight of the finish, I would get a painful cramp or seizure in my high hamstring. At one venue, I was put to the ground at the same spot two years in a row! At the Duathlon National Championships in Minnesota, I had to stop and stretch at about the same spot. And, in Bend, Oregon, I seized up within sight of the finish line and lost several spots while I hopped, skipped and walked to the chute. 

Medalists at the 2019 USAT Sprint Triathlon Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships, contested last week at Lums Pond State Park. Doug Landau won the Gold Medal for his Age Group, finishing 7th overall.

Knowing that this happened at big events where I was trying to give 110%, I tried: putting extra salts in my aero bottle, taking Potassium before and during the race, and eating a banana almost every morning. But nothing seemed to work. Then, at the USAT Sprint Triathlon National Championships, I met Sherry Worthen, the founder of “Magnesium 4 Muscles.” While the race format was changed to a super sprint Duathlon, which normally would have increased the dos of my cramping up, I had a good race and never seized up. 

Since last August, when I purchased several bottles, I have been using it topically in the back of my legs where I would previously get severe cramps that would lock up my legs. While triathletes are used to dealing with discomfort, when a leg or other body part simply locks up and will not flex or extend, there is very little you can do but stop and take care of it. I hated watching others I had passed go by me as I was trying to stretch or rub my leg.

Bottom line: I have used Magnesium4Muscles to good effect. While I was initially skeptical of a topical agent having significant effect, the results speak for themselves. At the 2019 USAT Duathlon Nationals in Greenville, SC last month, I got my ticket punched for next year’s ITU World Championships, after failing to qualify in 2018. At the Central Park Duathlon in New York City in March, I won my category by a mile.

USAT Mid-Atlantic Sprint Triathlon Age Group Winner (and Top 10 Finisher) Doug Landau after the race in Bear, Delaware. Using Magnesium4Muscles, Lawyer Landau did not have any leg muscle cramps that have hamstrung him in past championship level races.

And, just this week I again used Magnesium4Muscles and not only won my Age Group at the USAT Mid-Atlantic Regional Sprint Triathlon Championships up in Delaware, but I was 2nd Master, 6th Male and 7th overall, and would have won almost all of the other age group categories! Spotting 25 years on average to the folks ahead of me, I was not very sore post-race and despite working hard the entire race, I did not have even the early symptoms of a severe muscle cramp. 

For more information about this unique product, check out the YouTube video at:

Additionally, the product does not feel oily or sticky, and it does not seem to stain my race kit, sweats or cause any skin irritation. You can learn more at I intend to share a bottle with my cousin, whose husband was my beloved Richmond “Manager.” It will be interesting to see how it works on her, as she also gets painful cramps and has tried everything. Stay tuned!