"TBI" does not always mean "Traumatic Brain Injury"

While head injury lawyer Doug Landau teaches kids and adults about “TBI”  (for Traumatic Brain Injury) in Loudoun County, this past Sunday Landau learned that “TBI” can also stand for “Tick Borne Infections.”  Having helped families afflicted with Lyme Disease and having pulled many a tick off his children and his own body, Landau was particularly interested in a resource called the TBI Journal . TBIJournal.com is a website for people with tick borne illnesses who wish to keep a record (journal) of their health over time. It provides a Symptom Tracker, Treatment Log and tools for summarizing journal entries for self analysis or clinician discussion. It assists patients with Lyme Disease, Post Lyme Syndrome, or Chronic Lyme. Other tick borne co-infections, including Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichia, are also supported in the Tick Borne Illness Journal. Landau noted, “I learn something new every day !”

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