"Double Down" Races, like Successful Injury Cases, Require Advance Planning

the time change, jet lag, racing twice in the same morning and a busy CLE schedule.

Landau, who has won a number of prizes in lawyer and law meeting sports events, opted to take on local racers and compete in the “Double Down” competition. Melissa and Doug’s “Double Down” entry fee went to several good causes, one of which was “Girls on the Run” (“GTR”). Doug has participated in “Girls on the Run” events on the East Coast, and this was an opportunity to support GOTR in the SouthWest. The objective of Girls on the Run is to educate and empower girls at an early age in order to prevent the display of at-risk activities in the future. At risk activities include substance/alcohol use, eating disorders, early onset of sexual activity, sedentary lifestyle, depression, suicide attempts and confrontations with the juvenile justice system. Click here for more information about Girls on the Run of Maricopa County

After attending Continuing Legal Education at 6:30 AM (!) the Landaus drove past the Forge Convention Fun Run to Paradise Valley. Herndon Virginia injury lawyer Doug Landau was able to medal in the 5km race, average under 7 minutes per mile in the 10 km and was 21st (and the top out of state finisher) of the 119 finishers of the prestigious “Double Down” competition. Landau, of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., is shown in the photo with the Runners Den Race Directors collecting his “hardware” before returning to learn at the Association for Justice meetings. The Landaus were able to return to the Convention site in time for inspiring presentations and networking and problem-solving with the best trial lawyers from all over the United States.

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