Golf Carts "off course" are dangerous

We recently received word of a case involving a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”) of a passenger in a golf cart. The golf cart did not have seat belts and the passenger was ejected. While most golf carts that Herndon and Sterling brain injury lawyer Doug Landau has seen at golf courses did not have “golf cart seat belts,” they apparently exist and are a smart safety accessory, especially for those golf carts that are used off the course and on the streets and roads in many warm weather and resort communities.

When an innocent passenger suffers a brain injury or broken bones because they are thrown from a golf cart that has no safety belts, evidence tends to suggest that the manufacturer and supplier should be held liable for this foreseeable risk of harm. In other words, according to golf cart injury lawyer Landau, it was foreseeable that golf carts are used on public roads and that people can easily fall out. Furthermore, golf cart makers and sellers market them for use on public roads, local streets and resorts communities. On one vacation the Landau family took, golf carts were the predominant mode of transportation on the island. They are legal on certain roads (i.e., Palm Springs), used extensively in golf course communities (i.e., Boca Raton, Florida), and even some RV Parks have them for staff an guest use on the premises. Safety is not an option and seat belts prevent innocent riders from falling out. Landau believes that golf cart safety belts should be available (if someone wants to use them).

See tomorrow’s post, as what the makers, sellers and suppliers of these carts knew or should have known may surprise you !

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