Golf Cart safety concerns – ejection accidents cause permanent brain injuries and broken bones.

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Located a drive and a seven wood from the Herndon Golf Course, the Landau Law Shop is acutely aware of the limitations and safety concerns associated with golf carts. ABRAMS LANDAU has represented a local Fairfax County golf professional whose arm was broken on a Maryland Golf Course when he was ejected from a golf cart. In another case a young girl fell out of a golf cart and sustained a traumatic brain injury resulting in frontal lobe syndrome. In that case, the Defendant’s experts confirmed that golf cars were designed for use on golf courses and not on public roads. Nonetheless, the Defendant knew its golf cars were being used on public roads and, actually, marketed them for use on public roads. But, the Defendant golf cart supplier did nothing to make the golf car safe for use on public roads. Defendants in golf cart litigation have admitted that:

• the inclusion of seat belts was feasible.
• they knew that golf carts were being used off the course.
• golf carts were being used by unlicensed drivers.
• golf cars were being used as transportation in retirement communities.
• golf carts were marketed for use in non-golf course environments.
• golf carts were likely being used for travel within mobile home parks.
• golf carts were being used on public streets.
• golf cart drivers may have to make sudden stops.
• golf cart operators may have to make sudden turns.
• people who have fallen out of golf carts, because there was no seat belt, have been injured.
• the secondary market for used golf cars is the general public.

Loudoun and Fairfax County golf course injury lawyer Doug Landau believes golf carts should not ever be operated on a public roadway where cars and trucks are also present. A private road in a gated community may be a different situation according to the Herndon Reston area sports injury lawyer, but safety precautions like safety belts should be available. If you or someone you know has been injured by or while riding in a golf cart, whether on or off the course, please call us at ABRAMS LANDAU (703-796-9555) or e-mail us today, as there are time limits for cases involving defective and dangerous sports products.

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