BMW strikes biker in bike lane – Clarendon Boulevard Arlington crash results in request for assistance from Virginia bicycle accident lawyer Doug Landau

While riding his bicycle eastbound on Clarendon Boulevard, just past the intersection with Edgewood Street, another innocent biker was struck by a careless motorist today. The cyclist was in the designated bicycle lane, as was the case with our client who was injured by a taxi turning into the Starbucks. See post.

In the area of this bike crash there are two lanes of eastbound traffic, then the bike lane, then a parking lane to the right. The parking lane was filled with parked cars so the cyclist was blocked to the right, and traffic was moving on the left. Suddenly, and without any warning, the BMW swerved from the traffic lane, across the bike lane, trying to get into a set of two open parking spots (So as to drive through the rear of the two and park in the forward one, without having to back up into a spot).

The BMW cut the biker off and flipped the cyclist over his handlebars. Striking the cement, the cyclist had injuries to his face, hands, elbows and leg. Eye witnesses immediately called the police and an ambulance. The BMW driver was ticketed at the scene, but as many drivers well know, this does not mean that he will be found guilty, convicted or made to pay any restitution. The biker has lacerations on his face, pain and difficulty seeing. In addition, his bicycle sustained damage that will form the basis of a property damage claim. Everyone at ABRAMS LANDAU wishes the innocent cyclist a speedy recovery. We hope that he is able to get back “in the saddle” soon and resume his enjoyable cycling. If you, or someone you know, has been injured while riding their bike, please call us or e-mail us at once. Experienced bicycle crash lawyer Dog Landau notes that “after the Traffic Court trials, it is very hard to properly investigate and prepare these claims for successful resolution.”

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