With a stroke, time lost is brain lost

dkwl close up laubergeThis was the crux of a notice Loudoun, Fairfax and Leesburg brain injury lawyer Doug Landau received in Charlottesville while preparing for the appeal of a brain injury case.

The Stroke Association wants people to know that strokes are the #3 killer in this country, yet many people don’t even know what they are. They don’t know that more of the brain can be saved if a stroke is detected and treatment is received immediately. Strokes begin when a blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked or bursts. Blow flow is cut off. Tissue is starved for oxygen, and parts of the brain die. If not treated quickly, abilities and productive life can be lost. Learn to spot the warning signs of a stroke or call 1-888-4-STROKE, and act quickly. Your brain is your most prized possession. Guard it with your life.

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