ABRAMS LANDAU client inspires lawyer Landau; does brain injury event, then bikes to gym !

The Kit Callahan "Miracle Mile" for brain injury survivors is an inspiring (and perspiring) event !
The Kit Callahan "Miracle Mile" for brain injury survivors is an inspiring (and perspiring) event !

Often inspired by clients, I was particularly struck by the endurance of a woman who I had only recently met. She had come to ABRAMS LANDAU at the recommendation of the Brain Injury Association and another Loudoun County trial lawyer. This woman was in a massive truck crash while on the job for FEMA. She had been dispatched to assist with the Federal Governments flood response in Iowa. She sustained multiple injuries, including traumatic brain injury. She was an innocent passenger in a van driven by a co-worker. While she did receive some workers compensation benefits, the Federal Comp system provides limited assistance, and we looked into a third party liability case on her behalf. This young woman was remarkable for the fact that she has sustained permanently disabling leg and spine injuries prior to this crash, which she had significantly overcome in order to gain her present position. Bright, attractive, articulate and hard-working, the van crash was devastating to her. Nevertheless, she has returned to work and does the best she can.

The Landau law Shop, working with Iowa counsel, looked into the viability of a personal injury lawsuit in order to get this deserving woman compensation and restitution for all that was taken away from her by this crash. Unfortunately, just as the case in the Commonwealth of Virginia, her case was barred under Iowa law that prohibits lawsuits against co-workers or an employer if there is workers compensation insurance. The so-called “umbrella” of workers compensation coverage protects employers and co-workers from lawsuits for negligence. I had the unhappy task of informing her that our law firms could no go forward on her behalf. I then saw her at the “Miracle Mile” where she not only walked, with her cane, the entire 10 km. course, but she then rode her bike to a nearby gym, where she worked out and put my efforts at the Olympic Distance Triathlon the day before in stark perspective. She is the true champion, and my accomplishment pale in comparison. I tip my hat to you CD. Well done.

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