Brain Injury lawyer Doug Landau of ABRAMS LANDAU, donated a "Wii system"and game software at the "Miracle Mile"
Brain Injury lawyer Doug Landau of ABRAMS LANDAU, donated a "Wii system"and game software at the "Miracle Mile"

Inhabitants of Montgomery House in Springfield, Virginia will soon be smiling as they heal thanks to local attorney Doug Landau. Following his successful race at Smith Mountain Lake, Landau drove 5 hours from Virginia Tech in order to serve as MC and volunteer at the Brain Injury Association’s annual fundraising event at the Fairfax Campus of George Mason University today.

The law firm of Abrams Landau, Ltd. donated a Wii system to Montgomery House, a fully independent housing program run by Brain Injury Services as part of a partnership with Robert Pierre Johnson Housing Development Corporation (RPJ). The program provides individualized supports through case managers and apartment coaches to enable a survivor of a brain injury to live in the least restrictive environment in their community. This program presently serves men that were either homeless or at risk for homelessness. The Fairfax, Loudoun and Leesburg head injury lawyer Landau presented Brain Injury Services with the gaming system after serving as a volunteer in the organizations annual event, the Kit Callahan’s Miracle Mile, 10K Run/Walk on at GMU in Fairfax, Virginia. Last year, Landau was 5th overall in the 6.2 mile road race, and he hopes that many more runners participate this year.

The Wii was selected because of a recent trend in rehabilitation toward a new treatment technique known as “Wiihab”. Wiihab makes use of the gaming system’s unique, live motion play to offer patients a fun and less painful exercise medium. Abrams Landau, Ltd., along with other traumatic brain injury law firms hope that their donations will ease the recovery of those in need. He has seen how victims of serious accidents are often “left out of the game” after a car crash, sports injury, dog bite attack or bike accident. Doug Landau hopes that this donation will help patients find enjoyment in an otherwise painful and difficult process.

An advocate for victims of car crashes, defective products, dog attacks, and other negligence cases, Doug Landau has been involved with Brain Injury Services and other victim advocacy groups for over 25 years. He believes this organization is vital to the community because victims of traumatic brain injury are often misunderstood by the general public and in need of assistance during their recovery process. Lawyer Landau has represented clients with these injuries and knows the Wii, like other advances in rehabilitation, will help because of the neurological stimulation and hand to eye coordination involved.

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