Wheel to Work Day – Bike lawyer Landau presents cycling safety information

such that there is no coasting and one foot does not help” the other. In other words, both feet must pedal complete circles, or nothing happens ! It’s a lot harder than it sounds, as many seasoned bike racers and triathletes found out. However, once you master a 360 degree pedal stroke, your cadence becomes smoother and your power increases as you evolve into a more efficient cyclist.
I have only dared to try the Power Cranks on the open road once, and I thought my hip flexors would revolt. I think power cranks are an effective training tool, but I intend to use them indoors, as I did not feel safe enough to use them in a high level road ride. Because my Kestral was equipped with Speedplay pedals and many of the cyclists that visited with us were wearing shoes with other pedal systems or sneakers, I brought out my Pyroplatforms. These allow people in street shoes or trainers to ride, secured to the pedal. We had a lot of fun and hope to be able to participate and sponsor this worthy event again next year.

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