Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau wins prizes in Washington, D.C. without winning the race.

DC Running Coach Mike Hamberger & Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug LandauWhile in Washington, D.C. for a Deposition, Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau managed to test his early season speed at the DCRRC monthly “Tidal Basin 3k.” This was the 422nd running of this low-key event in our Nation’s Capitol. With the gorgeous spring weather and buds just starting to form on the cherry trees, the runners were treated to optimal conditions and XS Energy Drink before & after the race (courtesy of Julie & Dan Clark of Clark Health Zone).

Peter Blank, Elisha Tanui, Doug Landau & Julie Clark at the DCRRC March 2009 Tidal basin 3kIn addition to record-setting racer Ted Poulos, and DC Running Coach Michael Hamberger, 2:14 Kenyan marathoner Elisha Tanui, on his first day in Washington DC to run SunTrust National Marathon, jogged the race and then signed autographs. Hamberger (shown with The AthletesLawyer Landau, above left, & the Washington Monument) finished runner up in under 10 minutes. With such a stacked field, Landau was far back in the listings, making the top 3rd in 12:05.

However, “Half of winning is just showing up.” Landau won a case of XS Energy Drink in the post-race raffle. The Herndon Reston Virginia sports injury and accident lawyer is shown here on his tippy toes (L-R) with frequent Potomac Valley road racer and walker Peter Blank, Tanui and Julie Clark of Clark Health Zone.

Those who know the busy and energetic multi-state trial lawyer may question the wisdom of giving him anything caffeinated. Nevertheless, these pictures are evidence of the “you’ll never know unless you show” race and trial motto Landau and the ABRAMS LANDAU team espouse. Doug Landau hopes to see other friends, clients and their families at future trials and competitions.

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