Virginia Sports Injury Lawyer Doug Landau competes Super Bowl Sunday in Central Park before the big game.

DSCF3717.JPGJust like some people like to run in “Turkey Trots” before their annual Thanksgiving meal, thousands of people run in the New York Road Runners Club annual Gridion Classic. Prior to this 4-mile run through Central Park, there was a football throwing contest, where the women’s winner tossed the pigskin 45 yards, and the men’s winner, a former Brown University quarterback, heaved the ball 60 yards ! As a boy in New Jersey, Doug Landau participated in the “Punt, Pass & Kick” competitions. Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau managed to overcome the cold to finish 312th out of 5,256, in the top 10% of male finishers in just under 7 minutes per mile pace.

Landau finds it extremely difficult to compete in cold weather, as his forte his hot and humid conditions. Nevertheless, the lawyer who helps injured athletes, participates in winter events like this in order to build up his pre-season fitness. He also intentionally “overdresses,” so that his body will become accustomed to overheating during competition. It takes years of practice and training, but it is hoped that this strategem will again lead to success in 2009. Stay tuned…

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