Traithlon Trial lawyer Doug Landau believes "You can train just about anywhere !"

DSCF3519.JPGTo those who say it is impossible to train while on vacation, I say “be creative” and “go with the flow !” Shown at left is my eldest daughter running at sunrise in he Galapagos Islands while on board the “Galapagos Explorer II.” This picture was taken while we were in vacation on the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador.

This family trip to South America allowed me to rest my weary wrists from all the internet posting I have done since starting our several newer educational and updated web sites (“LandauInjuryLaw” and “TheAthletesLawyer”). I also did no bicycling, tennis or gym workouts, but managed to go jogging with my kids, swim while snorkeling and do light calisthetics and stretching over the winter holidays. This “down time” helps me avoid sports injuries and recharges my batteries for a successful season of indoor track, road, cross country and multisport racing. Sports medicine specialists and exercise physiology researchers tell us that periodization in sports training is critically important for long term success and injury avoidance.

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