Doug Landau withdraws from further racing

After struggling over the last 3 triathlons, and even walking for the first time in his career at the DC Nations Triathlon, Doug Landau has withdrawn from racing until further notice.

While upcoming events of interest will continue to be posted, the Triathlon Trial Lawyer will not compete at the several races he has already registered for and he has curtailed training. In addition to cramping, especially in the legs, after T-2, Landau has been breathing louder than a race horse. At the DC Triathlon, after the first mile of the run, he felt like someone had punched him in the gut, and so he was reduced to walking around Hains Point and through the downtown Capitol area.

Ever the stubborn competitor, Landau managed to finish, walking across the finish line just as he had at the 25th Annual Reston Triathlon. Mrs. Landau thinks her “hard- headed husband” had bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia or other illness that he did not get treated until it had settled into his chest. Doug denies all of these allegations, but promised to see Reston Triathlon physician Dennis Sager. Stay tuned !


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