Landau visits Roanoke, Bedford Lawyers

Bedford Social ClubIn an effort to represent his injured and disabled clients to the best of his ability, and to move their cases along more quickly in the face of ever increasing governmental red tape and insurance industry intransigence, Doug Landau travels all over Virginia and throughout the East Coast. Recently, the Triathlon Trial Lawyer travelled to Bedford to meet with superb claimants’ attorney Richard Thomas and then to Roanoke in order to get the settlement papers for a paralyzed client signed by defense counsel. By hand carrying the documents, Landau was able to make sure the execution was done correctly. By being present and taking the papers to the defense firm he had been fighting with for 9 months, he was able to make any changes or additions to the important settlement package. This settlement would result in over $600,000 in benefits for ABRAMS LANDAU’s out-of-state client, after the Insurance company cut off his weekly checks over 2 years ago!

While many personal injury lawyers claim to represent injured or disabled workers, very few have the courage to go face to face with their opponents on their opponents’ turf. Secondly, very few lawyers will take important papers to the other side in order to make sure they get done correctly and QUICKLY. Thirdly, only a handful of injury and disability lawyers will travel across the Commonwealth or out of state in order to move their clients’ cases along more quickly and to put the pressure on the defense counsel, insurance company or third party administrators. Doug Landau will be doing this again next month, when he returns to Richmond. The “travelling TriathlonTrialLawyer” will be taking the depositions of adjusters and claims managers AT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES HEADQUARTERS in order to expedite the information needed by his clients to get their fair benefits.

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