Coach Ryan Gerwig takes over the helm at Worldgate Sport & Health Masters Swim practices

writing two separate but similar workouts so those of you who wish to swim for the full two hours avoid repeating the same workout over the two hour period. The new coach will break the workouts up into distance and mid-distance swims for the triathletes, and stroke work for those who wish to swim in PVS masters swim meets.

Ryan started swimming at 8 and continued through college swimming for JMU. Not only can he “talk the talk,” but he can “walk the walk” (or should I say “swim the swim” as well !). He was a Jr. National qualifier, sectional qualifier a member of the Virginia Swimming Zone team 5 times, and a CAA finalist in the 100 and 200 breaststroke while at JMU. He has coached summer league teams and is looking forward to coaching the hard-headed, talkative diverse skill level Masters team at Worldgate. Ryan has swam under some great coaches, including Don Regenbogen (coach of Jeff Rouse), Craig Smith, and Pete Morgan (coach of Ed Moses) and he is looking to bring the knowledge gained under those superb coaches to our group. So, introduce yourself to Ryan. Perhaps we can get him to enter some Multi-sport events in exchange for taking part in some Masters Swim meets or open water swims !

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