After the crash: what to do…

If you are lying in a dangerous spot or in the middle of the street, get to a place of safety. If your bicycle is lying where it could be damaged further, you should try to move it out of the way. Before you move yourself or your bike, try to make a written or a mental note of where you and your bicycle ended up after the collision occurred. If the drivers involved in the accident move their cars and trucks, note where their vehicles were before they moved them out of the way. This information may be important for the Police later.

If medical care arrives, don’t refuse it unless you are positive you are not injured. If there is even the slightest doubt that you might have struck your head, damaged a bone, sprained or dislocated joint, torn muscle or internal injury, or any other injury, allow qualified first responders or emergency medical technicians help you. Never refuse medical assistance if you have suffered any blow to your head or face, or if your back or neck have been bent or turned. Trauma to the brain and an impact to the skull can have subtle effects, and trained medical professionals know what to look for and how to stem any damage a bike crash or pedestrian knock down may have caused.

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