If the Other Driver Gets a Ticket, Does That Mean I Automatically Win My Airport Injury Case?

Just like on interstate highways, there is a ticketing and point system for “traffic infractions” on the Air Operations Area (AOA), or the airport tarmac.

There are many people walking and driving around on the AOA, or airport tarmac, to move travelers’ luggage around, deliver food, prep airplanes, and more. So it should be no surprise that there are sometimes accidents and crashes on the AOA, just like any other road, highway or parking lot outside the airport.

If a luggage tug driver fails to yield the right of way to a jet, they can get written up by the airport police. If an airline maintenance vehicle blows through a stop sign and injures a catering truck driver, then in addition to workers compensation benefits, the catering employee can bring a claim against the unsafe maintenance department driver.

However, just because the defendant got written up does not mean that the catering company plaintiff automatically wins their case! If the catering company employee was also a cause of the crash, they cannot recover even a part of their losses under Virginia law.

The injured victim must show that the crash was the fault of the other driver, AND that they’re driving had nothing to do with causing the wreck. The fact that the defendant got a ticket and was written up by the airport authority may never even get into evidence and in front of a jury.

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