What Should I Do If I Was a Victim of a Crime While at Work?

Did you know that even if your case does not meet the criteria for a workers’ compensation case, you may still receive benefits?

Client of on-the-job injury law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd. have received thousands of dollars where they were the victims of a crime, despite not having any health insurance and there being no workers compensation insurance or claim. For example, if a worker was robbed while walking home in Reston, Virginia from their job, then there probably would not be a winnable workers comp claim. However, they may be able to submit their claim to the Virginia Victims Fund. People impacted by crime in Virginia can apply for assistance with reasonable and necessary expenses that arise from the crime.

Payments by the Virginia Victims Fund can include many areas of assistance, including:

  • • Medical expenses
  • • Funeral expenses
  • • Lost wages
  • • Prescriptions
  • • Crime-scene clean-up
  • • Moving
  • • Temporary housing
  • • Mileage to medical appointments

Other helpful resources include the National Center for Victims of Crime—an advocacy organization dedicated to helping victims of crime rebuild their lives. Crime victim compensation is a government program aiding to reimburse victims of violent crimes, such as, assault, homicide, rape, and, in some states, burglary. They may also help reimburse victims’ families for many of their out-of-pocket expenses.

Crime victim compensation programs in other states will generally pay for:

  • • Medical and dental expenses
  • • Counseling costs
  • • Funeral or burial expenses
  • • Lost wages or support

Every state has a crime victim compensation program, so be sure to take the time to find all the help and resources you can if you’ve been a victim of a crime.

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