Triathlon Cycling Rules: The Best Triathletes Know Them Well!

With the 2022 triathlon season around the corner, it’s important to understand triathlon cycling rules in order to avoid accident and injury, which, on the cycling portion of races, tend to be more common and more severe. Amateur and veteran triathletes alike would do well to brush up on what is and isn’t allowed.

We can’t think of a better rules expert than David Conover of Great Falls, VA. Not only is he an active triathlete, but also a USA Triathlon referee with over 20 years’ experience as an official, including the great honor of being named the 2020 Official of the Year.

In another offseason video (view the previous one here), Conover lays out what cyclists can and can’t do, including his #1 most important recommendation for any cyclist entering a triathlon. Spoiler alert: it has to do with reading USA Triathlon’s rules on cycling conduct. Have a listen!