Salute to Military Triathlon honors military personnel & veterans – 2019 race won by an ABRAMS LANDAU client!

The “Salute To The Military Triathlon” is a wonderful event held at the former base at Vint Hill, in Fauquier County, Virginia. The Vint Hill base grounds provide for a safe running course, a large outdoor pool and quiet roads. This is an event for everyone from novice to experienced multisport athletes. Herndon Virginia injury lawyer Doug Landau competes in this event almost every year, and often volunteers as a flagger on the bike course for the kids’ races. The races honor our military personnel and veterans.  The Sprint Triathlon and Aquabike race were followed by a youth race, which made for a great family event. This race line-up also provided a chance for the younger athletes to take part in the sport of triathlon.

“In addition to seeing even the smallest kids try out the sport of Triathlon, I like the challenging course, friendly volunteers and the ability to shower after finishing,” notes frequent sprint triathlon racer Doug Landau. The Vint Hill Larry Weeks Outdoor Pool and surrounding community in Warrenton are only 10 minutes from Jiffy Lube Live! This venue is convenient to Northern Virginia triathletes, and parking is easy and close to the starting line and transition area. Since the race was taken over from Kent Barker and the Bristow Area Triathlon & Swim group by Rev3, it has continued its top shelf race production. While lawyer Landau missed Barker’s daughter singing the “Star Spangled Banner” before the race, he appreciated the big frog at the pool and the locker rooms for changing before and after the race.

Sports product liability & injury lawyer Doug Landau found himself atop the podium again in 2019. Landau once again won his age group & was 11th overall, behind his client David Stubbs, who won the race.

The 2019 race was held under almost perfect conditions; sunny, slightly breezy and not too hot. The overall title went to Rogue Racing Team stalwart David Stubbs. In addition to being the Bike Course Director for Kinetic Multisports Virginia and Maryland Triathlon Super Series, Stubbs was also an ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. client, as the result of a sports product failure case that occurred while he was on a training bike ride several years ago. That case was settled by lawyer Landau without having to file suit! Part of that case was proven by evidence recovered from Stubb’s wearable fitness tracking device. David Stubbs worked hard at recovering from his head injuries, cut and abrasions as the result of the failure of his expensive aero race wheels.

Landau noted that the wheel manufacturer tried to blame his client for:

  • 1. Hitting a pot hole or other road “defect,”
  • 2. Wearing the wheel out by “excessive milage,”
  • 3. Riding erratically and causing damage to the rim, rubber &/or spokes,
  • 4. Cycling at a high speed which caused the traumatic brain injury.

Lawyer Landau was able to refute all of these defenses with clear, objective evidence such that the insurance company for the wheel manufacturer had no alternative but to settle the case fairly with the ABRAMS LANDAU client. If you, or someone you care about, has been injured in a sporting event, training session or while involved in recreational activity, through no fault of their own, and there are questions as to the laws and remedies available,  please call us at (703)-796-9555 or send us an e-mail so that we can see if we may help. There are strict legal deadlines in permanent injury cases, so do not delay.