Parade of Nations at World Championships

australiaBeing followed by a hoard of Australians in a native garden, Doug Landau participated in his first “Parade of Nations” prior to the opening ceremonies of the DUAthlon World Championships in Adelaide, Australia.

In addition to the over 500 athletes, the Brazilian team had exotic feathered dancers and drums, and other teams’ garb was as diverse as the participants in the coming weekend’s events.parade

The route of the parade actually started at the Duathlon championship finish line and crossed the river, to the delight of gawking high school and university rowing teams.

Over 1100 athletes are anticipated to compete in races Saturday and Sunday. With managers, coaches, mechanics, team doctors, trainers, and other affiliated staff, the parade stretched for over a mile and a quarter!

Since Lawyer Landau was the “caboose” of the American contingent, the Aussies behind him repeatedly threatened him with “assimilation” keep pace!