Bending, Breaking the Rules in the NFL

that violators have gotten away with equipment and substance violations without penalty or fear of enforcement.  Grabbing other players’ private parts, gouging eyes, spitting in faces, going after an opponent’s injured limbs, these run counter to the way I was taught to compete.  However, without strict enforcement, in light of the money at stake, it is unlikely that the “bending of the rules” by professional athletes, as described in the Post, will end any time soon.  What is more troubling to sports injury lawyer Doug Landau, is that college, high school and younger football players all emulate their gridiron heroes.  “This trickle down effect can have devastating effects on young athletes, especially in the area of banned substances and permanent injury to the growth plates of developing bones” adds the athletes’ lawyer.  At the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we sponsor many sporting activities, such as the Herndon High School baseball team, the Virginia Triathlon Series, the Jack Corkey Memorial Aquathon at the Herndon Community Center, the “Put the Lids on the Kids” safety campaign, and other East Coast races tournaments and events. In all of these ventures, we expect good sportsmanship, playing by the rules and competitors not intentionally or needlessly endangering others.

Herndon athlete safety lawyer Doug Landau adds, “The league  must decide how far a player can go in this community in violating the rule that requires that they not intentionally injure another player or use equipment that has not been approved by the NFL. The pro football team owners and payers union must decide how far can a player go before they will be required to take full and fair responsibility for the violation of a league rule and injuring someone. Important rules are rules that protect us from things that we do not want to have happen to us. They are important to safety. If professional players are not playing by the ‘rules of the game,” then they are, in fact, ‘professional cheaters.’ This cannot be condoned if the sport expects to continue to thrive.”

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