Not Racing ? Landau ? Really ?

Doug Landau after getting getting treatment in the Richmond Sprint Triathlon Medical Tent
Herndon Virginia trial lawyer Doug Landau after getting treatment in the Richmond Sprint Triathlon Medical Tent

Here’s the facts, since the Reston Triathlon 9/9/12, I have not engaged in ANY run training on dry land.  AND, even though I raced in several 5kms and Sprint Triathlons in order to get in the minimum 5 races in the Virginia Triathlon Series, I have not done ANY running since 10/7/2012 !!!

In fact, Greg Hawkins of Set Up Events helped carry me from the finish line at the Richmond Sprint race to the medical tent, where my foot was taped.  I have been using night splints, wearing new SuperFeet shoe inserts and rolling the arch of my foot with balls.  I visited with Reston Virginia Foot Doctor Steve Gordon who thoroughly tested, examined and x-rayed my foot.  Dr. Gordon confirmed that my plantar fascitis, dormant and healed for 17 years, was back with a vengence.  Since my season is now over, I am taking it easy.  Unbelievably, I have not signed up for any Fall road races and am not signed up for any races in 2013 !

While I am injured (plantar fascitis) and cannot run, I am doing more riding, swimming & “Aquajogging” ! I am getting pruney ! I’d rather have been competing at the Triathlon World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand, but perhaps another time…  I hope to be well enough for the Jack Corkey Memorial all water Biathlon December 8th and to see you there !

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