US Paratriathlon Athletes Inspire, Prepare for Paralympics in Brazil

travel and compete. As the USOC does not receive government funding, private contributions are necessary for these amazing sportsmen and sportswomen.

Official technical training of USA Para-triathlon has begun in anticipation of the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Paralympics, where the sport will make its debut in the Games in Brazil. In May of last year, the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s (“CAF”) Dodge/CAF Para Triathlon Camp saw a number of athletes refine their technical abilities. The participants were taught how to get the most out of training, how to practice proper nutrition and how to race effectively. Among the participants were nine members of CAF’s Operation Rebound which assists permanently injured military and first responders. “This was by far the best time investment I have made in my triathlon journey,” said Jose Ramos, a retired Navy Corpsman who lost his arm below the elbow in during the war in Iraq in 2004. Ramos joined the Navy to become a Hospital Corpsman in 2000. He served along side Marines as a platoon “Doc,” serving a tour in Afghsanistan and 2 tours in Iraq. In addition to losing his left arm after being hit by a rocket, the Arlington Virginia resident suffered nerve damage in his left leg and bulging discs in his back. He used sports in his rehabilitation to get outside of the hospital environment; after only 4 months after this injury, he ran the NYC Marathon ! Truly inspiring.

For ways to give to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, click here.

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