Triathlete injured in New England Race

the race directors, sponsors or volunteers are liable.  There must be a showing of negligence, of a “failure to act with reasonable care under the circumstances.”  And, even if there is such a showing, the defenses of “Assumption of the risk,” and “Contributory negligence” can reduce the damages recoverable or even end the case altogether.  The Release all athletes sign if they want to participate is another hurdle, as is the “charitable immunity” that many races have as the result of their fundraising and non-profit status.  An injured athlete can sue a negligent driver who causes a crash on the race course or the manufacturer of a defective bicycle.  However, those are cases that do not involve any action on the part of the race production team.  If you or someone you know has been injured while racing or training, please e-mail or call us (703-796-9555) at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., as there are very short time periods for making claims as the result of sports injuries.

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