Looking BOTH ways for both motorized and Non-motorized traffic

of this safety maxim.

In an area blessed by so many bike trails and cycling venues, it is incumbent on school and private drivers education professionals to teach students how to safely share the road. With an increase in the number of bike commuters and recreational cyclists, habits need to change to recognize that not looking out for bikers and runners can lead to injury and death. Cell phone use has only exacerbated the problem, as more drivers are driving “distracted.” Distracted drivers are not focusing on the other travelers around them. When a bicycle rider or jogger is traveling from one side or the another and the motorist is focused only on the road ahead, their GPS and/or their cell phone, impact, injury and disability are usually the tragic result. When traveling with friends and family in a car, remind them to look out for cyclists, runners and others on the road. Together we may be able to change dangerous habits and increase the safety of everybody on the roads and trails that surround our Nation’s Capitol.

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