What does the insurance company look at to decide how much my bike crash case is worth ?

A good insurance company should look at the same factors that a judge or jury would look at in Court. These would include the following items:

  1. Medical expenses (Ambulance, Hospital, physical therapy, medical bills, mileage, medications, miscellaneous), past and anticipated in the future
  2. Loss of Earnings (past and future)
  3. Damage to the bicycle and other personal property
  4. Permanent impairment of the injured arm, leg, etc.
  5. Scarring (i.e., scar revision will cost $_______ and cause you to miss ____ days/weeks from work (get an estimate from a board certified plastic surgeon)),
  6. Your life expectancy. In other words, how long will you have to see the orthopedic doctor, take anti-inflammatories, pain medications and have related expenses ?
  7. Any increased risk of arthritic changes, bone and joint disease and re-injury
  8. Aggravation and inconvenience are also to be compensated in addition to pain, lost wages, lost earning capacity and mental suffering.
  9. Did the injured cyclist attempt to mitigate her damages ?
  10. Was the injured biker at all at fault in causing the accident ?

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