Gym thieves and health club heists: protect your valuables !

While in New York City recently, athlete safety lawyer Doug Landau came across photos of 41 notorious thieves who steal at health clubs and gymnasiums while their victims are working out. The New York Post article’s title blared, ” Gym rats ‘lift’ and run” and even published the rogues’ gallery of photographs of the most notorious sports club scoundrels. Police sources suggest that the thieves are not regular members, but rather day pass purchasers who target members wearing fancy jewelry. Expensive watches and “bling” are top targets. According to the Post, one female suspect showed police that she could open 10 locks in 3 minutes ! So what steps can you do to protect yourself and your family from these fitness club predators ? Triathlon trial lawyer Doug Landau uses the following steps to avoid theft and loss:

  1. Do not flash a lot of jewelry or “bling,”
  2. Always use a lock on your locker,
  3. Do not bring lots of cash or other valuables into the health club,
  4. Use the mini-lock boxes some clubs have for wallets and keys,
  5. Lock your iPod, Heart Rate Monitor, sportswatch, GPS and other expensive gear (even running shoes !) while showering, and
  6. Consider keeping costly items in your car, office or home.

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