Lawyer Landau is "Nimble" inside the courtroom and on the race course !

their thin metal spokes failed. The only time Landau’s Nimble wheels were ever damaged is when FedEx dropped a weight lifting set on them after losing his bike after the US National Triathlon Championships several years ago !

If you want to see a picture of Nimble’s wheels being used on something other than a racing bike, check out American Way magazine’s December 15, 2009 issue. The article about former motorcycle racer David Baily is inspiring. This professional athlete was in a motocross crash that crushed several vertebrae in his back, leaving him paralyzed below the chest. After lengthy rehabilitation, he began racing in Triathlons, including the Ironman. His 3-wheeled handicycle is equipped with a trio of Nimble Wheels and a recumbent aero seat that looks like it could hit speeds in excess of 30 mph on the flats !

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