Ashburn Triathlon Coach's bike crash breaks ribs, arm and punctures lung

other dangerous road conditions. When I return from the American Trial Lawyers meeting, I will visit with Rob and try not to make him laugh too much. Rib injuries take a while to heal and they hurt if one laughs, coughs or sneezes. That means I cannot give him the scrimshaw snuff box with the cartoons I had picked out !

If I had ben with the group, I probably would have crashed as well. While not one skilled at drafting directly behind other riders, split second reaction time is required when riding in any kind of group, and I have not been outside on the roads in several months. I had taken a “pass” on joining my friends, as I am not able to feel my hands and feet such that I feel safe in cold weather. And, my own training has been aided by indoor computrainer classes with junior bicycle racers at HPC in Herndon, a block from the Landau Law Shop. Next week, I hope to have a chance to ride outside on rented bicycles with my wife and lawyer from all over the United States and the World during the Association for Justice (“AAJ”) meeting. The Bicycle Litigation Section has a bike tour scheduled immediately after their meeting. This “meeting on wheels” allows us to compare notes, strategies and help each other with our bicycle accident, car crash and bike product liability clients’ claims.

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