Landau wins Playa del Rey Mile Sand Sprint race after competing in Aquathon

Doug Landau, Beach Sand Sprint winner !
Doug Landau, Beach Sand Sprint winner !

Training barefoot has its advantages. In addition to “toughening” one’s feet, Doug Landau feels that running without fancy, padded sneakers allows athletes to strengthen the small muscles and tendons of the feet and ankles. Some sports scientists even liken Americans’ wearing of shoes from infancy to having their feet “casted,” leading to disuse of these anatomical structures, atrophy and future injury. Many top runners and Olympic medalists started their lives walking (and running) everywhere in bare feet.

After competing in the Playa del Rey Aquathon, Doug Landau did an “encore” and lined up to race in the one mile sand sprint. The Triathlon Trial Lawyer felt confident as to his abilities barefoot and on sand. But, when the race director announced that there would be obstacles that the runners would have to go over and under, and push ups at the end, the Herndon and Reston area sports injury lawyer realized he had his work cut out for him ! While Landau accidently went under the “over” obstacles, he went back and re-did them quickly enough to win the race, to the amusement and enjoyment of his family. Rumors as to Landau’s racing barefoot in several East Coast multi sport events are true, but he only pulls this stunt when the race is on grass, sand or he gives his shoes to another competitor ! Be advised, Lawyer Landau ALWAYS wears shoes to Court.

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