Playa del Rey races: Fun in the Sun, Sand and Ocean!

Swimming in the Pacific at Playa del Rey was LEGAL !
Swimming in the Pacific at Playa del Rey was LEGAL!

Swimming in the Pacific Ocean is a treat, and TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau got to participate with his family on the West Coast at Playa del Rey, California. Competing in the Aquathon, Landau saw dolphins gliding effortlessly through the waves that buffeted the wetsuit-clad racers. While the swim was tough and Landau’s time was slow, he managed a good run (20:40 for 3 miles) on the flat, hot out-and-back course. Landau was thrilled to cheer on his wife, who also competed in the Swim-Run event, as well as his middle daughter and budding journalist, who ran in the “Playa del Run” 5km and won family bragging rights. The eldest Landau daughter took pictures and ran all during the charitable beachside events that raised money for the “Heal the Bay” program.

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