What are "MACCAS" and why does Doug Landau do them ?

1. Take your trainer, bike and run shoes, a mat, and several bottles to the nearest decent 1/4 mile track or measured running course;
2. Set the trainer up in the 220 start area so it is out of the way of others using the track and set up your “transition area”;
3. Warm up thoroughly, (i.e., bike 6-10 minutes, jog at a moderate pace 3-4 laps, stretch and hydrate, especially if it is hot);


5. Cycle as hard as you can for six minutes;
6. Leap off, pull your best T-2 pro style transition;
7. Then run 3 laps FLAT OUT like you stole something (!);
8. Stop at your bike, drink 1/3 bottle of your sports drink,
9. Get out of your running shoes (Landau sometimes runs barefoot !);
10. Get into your bike shoes and repeat…

NO STOPPING till you are done and NO TALKING in transition
(If you can talk you’re not going hard enough!)
DO this the required # of HARD repeats, then cool down slowly and easily just as you warmed up. This should be very hard. The next day should be an easy or “rest” day.

Landau notes that doing them with training partners help push everyone, since you can stagger the run starts to make every interval an honest effort.

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