Still part of the plan: TraithlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau reveals seminal texts that aided his Training and Sports Medicine education

“Inside Running: Basics of Sports Physiology,” Dr. David Costill, Ph.D. (Benchmark Press, 1986). David Costill is recognized as one of the giants in Sports Medicine. He and his students from Ball State University did cutting edge research into endurance training, muscle fiber types and athletic performance. Many of my professors were influenced by his work.

Because of these texts, I could see how the Nautilus strength training machines followed the natural power arcs of various muscle groups. I also incorporated short, uphill sprint intervals into my training; variations of which I still do to this day because of the high speed benefit effect. And, the periodization strategies espoused is still the sensible way to prepare for major events and recover from National Championships. I recommend all 3 books.

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