Guess who is the proud father of a Fort Hunt Park 10km. Age Group Award winner ?!!?

Age Group award winners selecting their prizes at the DCRRC Fort Hunt Park 10 k raceIn her preparations for the Shamrock half marathon in Virginia Beach this month, Doug Landau’s oldest daughter ran in the DCRRC’s annual Fort Hunt 10 km. road race. Much to their surprise and delight, Miss Landau won an age group prize ! her doting dad had advised her that this 5 lap course was fairly flat, with well-marked mile signs and a water stop during every 2 km. loop. The Athletes Lawyer used the measuring wheel he uses for bike crash scenes and car accident reconstruction to put inspiring messages on the pavement at quarter mile intervals.

Former Madeira School JV Soccer Captain is now a road race age group prize winnerWhile the TriathlonTrialLawyer also ran in the race, he finished well out of the prizes despite having previously broken 40 minutes on this same course and having competed as a member of the DCRRC 10 km championship team. It looks like the baton is being passed from one endurance athlete in the Landau family to another. Good luck at the Kappa Delta 5km at Virginia Tech next week and the Shamrock Half Marathon the week after !

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