More fun with the little one…

Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau hiking with babypackIn the last post I wrote about jogging strollers and baby joggers. They are both ways to keep in shape while spending time with little kids. Another way to keep active after the arrival of a “wee one,” is by backpacking with one of the new baby packs. When I was in California visiting family, I was able to try out one of these fancy rigs. It was very comfortable and my “navigator” seemed to enjoy the view. With a canopy to keep the sun off of sensitive skin and a water bottle close at hand, my nephew had a fine time and I was getting up a good sweat in the hills of Malibu’s state park. It is important to make sure that all the straps are correctly fitted and that none of the baby’s parts are being pinched or rubbed. I have had my own children fall asleep in these backpack-style baby carriers. You can also stop on a dime and get the child out to explore some interesting thing on the way. My own kids liked to touch turtles, collect rocks, pick berries and honeysuckle. Get out, enjoy nature and take your pint-sixed passenger along for the ride !

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